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List Price: $230.
Our Price: $182.90

• Full Tang Construction
High Carbon Steel Blade
• Features of Historic Design

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GALLOWGLASS SWORD Gallowglass Sword AH3418 by Deepeeka of India(AH3418) by DEEPEEKA
Gallowglass is an anglicisation of gaelic gallóglaigh - meaning "foreign, young warriors." The original Gallowglass were mercenaries, most hailing from the Scottish Gaelic-Norse clans who had been dispossessed of their lands during the various Wars of Scottish Independence. This Gallowglass sword, by Deepeeka is a large two handed sword in the Irish style with its iconic ring pommel. The blade is of high carbon steel and measures a whopping 41 7/8 inches in length. Add a 8 5/8 inch grip, cross guard and pommel and you are swinging a 54 inch steel monster slayer! The hilt and peened pommel are of steel and the grip is wrapped in tight, brown leather. The sword is also unique in that it features four fullers - two extremely short ones on the edge, with two longer ones running about one-third the length of the blade near the center. The straight quillons of the guard are adorned with triple-forked tips at their ends. The edges come factory blunt but can be sharpened to your personal specifications.
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Overall: 54 1/2"
Blade Length: 41 7/8"
Blade: EN45 High Carbon Steel
Edge: Factory Blunt (can be sharpened)
Width: 63.9 mm
Thickness: 5 mm - 4.7 mm
Point of Balance: 9"
Grip Length: 8 5/8"
Grip: Wood with leather wrap
Pommel: Peened
Weight: 6 lb 5 oz

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Gallowglass Sword AH3418 by Deepeeka

Feared and respected, the Gallowglass were the professional men-at-arms of an Irish Chieftain. They formed a stable pillar of heavy armor and fearsome weaponry in the typically lightly-equipped Irish medieval and Renaissance forces. These landless noblemen and their clansmen brought their skills and expensive, well-crafted equipment in their flight into Ireland. Irish chieftains recognized their value, granting them lands, employment and rights to local supplies in return for seasonal military expertise.


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