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List Price: $149.
Our Price: $102.90

• Functional Battle Ready Weapon
Carbon Steel Blade
• Replicates Historic Design

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BARDICHE POE AXE image of Bardiche Pole Axe AH3508 by Deepeeka of India(AH3508) by DEEPEEKA
The Bardiche was a type of pole axe popular in Eastern Europe in the Medieval and Renaissance period. Bardiches are known to have been imported into Scotland in the 16th and 17th centuries. The AH3418 by Deepeeka, is a 16th Century Replica and features a 26 inch hand forged carbon steel blade. The blade is "double mounted" to a 42 inch wood pole via one socket at the top of the pole and one surface mount at the base of the blade, effectively mounting the heavy blade to the wooden haft. This construction is also seen in other Scottish polearms, such as the Lochaber axe and Jeddart staff.
While the Deepeeka AH3508 Bardiche is battle worthey and fully functional in construction, the edges come factory dull and can be finely sharpened or blunted to your personal specifications and use. This huge weapon carries a presence that is as fierce hanging in display and it must have been while seen in the field of battle. This historic Scottish replica offers great application for reenactment use, demonstration cutting, film and theatre, costume, or home and office decore.
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Overall: 53 1/4"
Blade Length: 24 3/4"
Blade: Carbon Steel
Edge: Factory Blunt (can be sharpened)
Blade Width: 9"
Blade Thickness: 2.7 mm
Haft Length: 42"
Haft Diameter: 1 1/4"
Haft: 1 piece Solid Hardwood
Weight: 5 lb 13 oz

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Gallowglass Sword AH3418 by Deepeeka

While the blade of a Bardiche ("long poleaxe") was often very long for an axe (usually exceeding 2 feet (60 cm)) the shaft was one of the shortest of all polearms; rarely did it exceed 5 feet (1.5 m) in length. It relied more on the weight of its heavy blade to do the damage than a swing from a long pole. This makes the bardiche more similar to the Danish axe, in some respects, than to a true polearm. In Russia and in Poland this weapon was used to steady gunpowder weapons upon when firing, resting their arquebuses on the top of the haft with the bardiche planted in the ground. It was standard equipment for the Streltsy (literally "shooters") corps (foot, mounted and dragoons) and also for the Polish infantry. Another use of the bardiche was for execution. If one ever felt the need to "get a head in life", the Bardiche was always a great tool in doing so.


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