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Pirates 19th century pocket compass.
Out of Stock

Pirates 19th century pocket compass.
Model 1262L DENIX
Our Price: $4

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1866 .41 CAL DOUBLE BARREL DERRINGERNobleWares Image for 1866 Double Barrel replica non-firing Derringers 1263N Nickel, 1263B Blued, and 1262L Gold Engraved by Denix DENIX
Designed by William Elliot, this famous .41 caliber, two-shot, single-action derringer was manufactured for over forty years. The hinged barrel of this replica gun swings upward for easy reloading. This Old West collectible comes in your choice of either nickel (1263N), blued (1263B) or gold engraved (1262L). The Nickel and Blued models are wrapped in real wood grips while the Gold Engraved is handled in simulated ivory.
The locks on the replica firearms are mechanically functional but are completely safe and non-fireable, requiring no federal license to buy, sell or possess them.
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Non-firing Historically Accurate Replicas
Overall Length: 4.75"
Weight: 1 lbs

These classic model guns are made of zinc with polished wood stocks. They cannot withstand excessive misuse and cannot be disassembled nor made to fire live ammunitions.

The Derringer pistol conjures up ideas of the "wild wild west" and the mystique of this little gun continues to this day. It most often served as a back-up weapon. Old west outlaws loved these hideaway guns while their small size allowed the element of surprise to work in their favor. The Derringer was also called the "belly gun" because of its use in close proximity in old west fights. It's short barrel made it a convenient weapon when there was little distance between opponents. Also known as the gambler's gun, gamblers would often keep a Derringer under their hat or in their belts for quick access for dealing with those who cheated or wished to take their money. The Derringer was sometimes referred to as the "lady's" gun as many ladies of the old west would have one securely hidden somewhere, often in their drawstring purses or in their garter belts.

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