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COLT .45 GOLD ENGRAVED CAVALRY REVOLVERNobleWares Image of Colt 45 non-firing Gold Engraved Cavalry Revolver replica 1281L by Denix 1281L DENIX
This non-firing Old West Colt 45 features a gold plated body inlayed with ivy scrollwork design and exotic simulated carved ivory grips adorned with eagle seal. It replicates one of the many ornately exotic styles of decoration used on Western Cavalry (7.5 inch barrel) guns of the period. And the action works! Functional lock mechanism, with a revolving cylinder and working ejector system.Open the loading chamber, spin the cylinders, cock the hammer and pull the trigger! Experience the same satisfaction its owner must have felt in America's Wild West.

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Non-firing Replica
Overall Length: 13"
Barrel Length: 7.5" Cavalry Style
Grips: Thick Plastic Imitation Ivory
Weight: 2.3 lbs

The Single-Action Army Revolver was produced in several forms and many calibers from 1872 to 1940, with production totaling about 350,000 pieces. As its introduction coincided with the settlement of the Wild West, the names Peacemaker, Frontier Six-Shooter, and Widowmaker were popularized. Although most were produced for the military, civilian versions were beautifully engraved at the factory. Within a few years, most of the American citizens got one of these revolvers. The fact that it used ammunition of the same caliber as the Winchester M1873 rifle helped its popularization.
The film industry mythified the "Peacemaker" in the westerns of the 40s and 50s, and it was quickly associated with big screen stars like John Wayne and Gary Cooper. Also, U.S. President Roosevelt had one personalized with his initials engraved, and George S. Patton used two.
Denix non-firing models
have been faithfully reproduced in weight, feel and handling characteristic of the rare and expensive originals. The Denix line of premier reproductions honors the legends that carried these original firearms and embodies the American spirit that opened and tamed the American Frontier. In the tradition of historic reproductions, these replicas will neither chamber nor fire ammunition, and cannot be altered to do so.
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