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22-1008N & 22-1008L DENIX

List Price: $112.00

SALE Price: $78.99


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The M1869 .45 caliber Schofield Single Action Revolver was a favorite of the U.S. Cavalry, stagecoach agents and Frank James. Wyatt Earp is known to have carried a similar version of the historic replica. This replica non-firing gun is a frontier classic and measures a whopping 13.5 inches with a 8 inch barrel. With real wood grips and working action, along with a top break action, this replica is an ideal prop for film, theatre, historical presentations and re-enactment use.
Available in two finishes: Polished Nickel 22-1008N or Antique Brass with Black Barrel 22-1008L. (select your finish in the shopping cart) A classic indeed, this replica is rich with history and a real prize for any collector.
The .45 Schofield was developed for use by the US Cavalry with the help of Major George W Schofield. It was based on the Smith and Wesson model No 3 which he originally purchased for his own use in the US 10th Cavalry as it was top break opening making loading quicker and easier than the Colt revolver. He made several changes making it better suited for Army cavalry life. Smith and Wesson made these changes with the hope of an Army contract which it won. Issued alongside the Colt, the Schofield used a shorter .45 shell than the Colt which led to problems in the field (the Colt used a .45 long and the Schofield required a shorter .45 shell). As the Colt could use both bullet sizes, the Schofield could only use Schofield's shorter bullet. The confusion caused by the bullets eventually led to the Schofield's termination as military issue, yet the gun remained a popular choice for civilians of both civil and uncivil disposition.
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Non-firing Historically Accurate Replica
Barrel Length: 8"
Overall Length: 13 1/2"
Avail Nickel or Brass Black Barrel finish
Handle Material: Wood Grips
Pull the hammer back to cock the pistol
Pull the trigger to fire the hammer
Catch release to break open & reload
Weight: 2lbs 11.6oz

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The .45 Schofield by Smith and Wesson was also popular with non military people and was used by Buffalo Bill Cody, Cole and Jim Younger, Pat Garret, Charlie Pitts, John Wesley Hardin, Bob Ford, Texas Jack Omohundro, Virgil Earp, Marshal Dallas Stoudenmire, Bill Tilghman, and Ranald MacKinzie all did, among many others.
The Schofield has been used in various western films including; William Munny (Clint Eastwood) and The Schofield Kid (Jaimz Woolvett) in "Unforgiven", Charlie Prince (Ben Foster) in "3:10 to Yuma" Virgil Earp (Sam Elliot) in "Tombstone", and by Al Swearengen (Ian McShane) in the TV series "Deadwood". It has also found a prominent role in the Open World Western Game "Red Dead Redemption"
Denix non-firing models have been faithfully reproduced in weight, feel and handling characteristic of the rare and expensive originals. The Denix line of premier reproductions honors the legends that carried these original firearms and embodies the American spirit that opened and tamed the American Frontier. In the tradition of historic reproductions, these replicas will neither chamber nor fire ammunition, and cannot be altered to do so.

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