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STEER SKULL TABLE LAMPNobleWares Image of Western Steer Skull Table Lamp NW1979 NW1979
Cow Skulls are an enduring symbol of the old west, and more recently it has become a southwestern style decorative element. This southwestern bull skull corded table lamp is the perfect addition to your southwestern decor. A creative cowboy may wish to utilize these horns to corral his books or video games. Its intricately carved cast resin construction and hand painted detailing gives the realistic appearance of a bull skull wrapped in barbed wire complete with horns, resting on a stone-like base. Includes a southwestern tanned lampshade. The complete lamp stands approximately 25” tall by 15” wide from horn to horn. 15" from back of horn tip to jaw tip. The lamp shade's bottom diameter measures 15 inches and rises 9" tall. The corded lamp base is tabbed with felt to protect table surface.
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Stands 25 inches tall 15 inches wide
Cast in heavy Stone Resin

Realistically detailed
Comes with 15" diameter lamp shade
Felt tabbed corded lamp base

Awesome southwest style decor
The cow skull is an icon of the old west and Indian art that has endured for decades. Cow skulls have appeared in cowboy movies since before Tom Mix saddled his first horse, serving as a warning sign of tainted water, or as eerie silent reminders for western pioneers of hardships that lie on the trails ahead. Cow skulls are used as distinctive southwestern style decorative elements with a wide range of uses. Steer heads used as an artistic foundation, create breathtaking decorative accents and can be found in popular works of art by well-known artists such as Georgia O’Keefe and Charles Russell, and often used in art by North American Indians.
OLD WEST Misc: Page 1 2 3backNext Old West Item