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COW POKE NO BULL DEFENSE WALKING STICKNobleWares Image of Cow Poke No Bull defense walking stick 2138 NW2138
The legendary bull penis walking stick is the most unique of all walking canes. Originally constructed with the dried penis of famous rodeo bulls, this reproduction appears the exact same as the originals. While the natural bull penis canes lacked durability, this polypropylene constructed rubber tipped replica is nearly indestructible. It’s not only great as a walking aid, but perfect for a self defense tool as well.


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Nearly Indestructible one piece design
Unique conversation piece

Measures 37" in length
Handle measures 5 3/4"

Unique walking sticks and canes have great western heritage and have been carried by some of the West's most famous and notorious characters as well as wealthy elites. Legend has it that Doc Holiday, Bat Masterson, Jack dempsey and others all carried similar canes in the past. Such original sticks, whose decorative material may be somewhat less than appealing can bring high prices based on their rarity in today's market. One such stick is the bull's penis cane which, aptly named, is covered from top to bottom with the phallic skin of one very unlucky bull. Fortunately, the material's origin is not readily apparent unless an explanation is offered. Bull penis canes are naturally 36" long or longer. The organ was professionally cleaned, sterilized and treated using top-quality taxidermy techniques, so that the user was sure that his unique penis cane or walking stick was beautiful, safe and durable.
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