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MINI HORNED VIKING HELMETNobleWares Image of Mini Horned Viking Helmet & Stand AH3807.M by Deepeeka AH3807.M DEEPEEKA
This Miniature Viking Horned Helmet is a smaller version of our full size AH3807 with riveted steel bands, brass brow, flared cheek pieces, and neck guard. The Miniature Horned Helmet is hand crafted and made of carbon steel, just like the real, life sized helmets that are fully functional. The horns are made of wood and stained to look like real buffalo horn. This Miniature Viking Helm is quite an impressive helmet and makes a great addition to any medieval collection. Miniature helmets make for a great home or office display on any bookshelf, table, or dresser. Includes a mini wooden helmet display stand.


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Helm Height:
Helm Width:
Height on Stand:
Helm Material: Carbon Steel & Brass
Horns Material: Stained Wood
Stand Material: Wood

Total Weight: lb oz


Although horned helmets are in popular culture often associated with Vikings, there is scarce physical evidence that Viking Age Scandinavians found them popular as actual headgear. The attribution probably arose in 19th century Swedish Romanticism. A Migration period (5th century) metal die from Ă–land, Sweden, depicts a warrior with a helmet adorned with two dragons or serpents, arranged in a fashion similar to horns. Also, a decorative plate affixed to the famous Sutton Hoo helmet (ca. 600 AD) shows a depiction of a similar helmet. This strange headgear, of which only depictions have survived, seems to have fallen out of use with the end of the Migration period.  
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CELTIC/VIKING Gifts: Page 1 2 3 4 5backNext Item
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