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List Price: $29.95
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DUAL CHAMBER VIKING JEWELRY BOXNobleWares Image of Dual Chamber Viking Jewelry Box 6811 by YTC Summit 6811 YTC SUMMIT
This Viking Art Jewelry box offers two separate compartments for concealing your precious gems. Easily removable and uniquely designed, a pair of wedding bands could quite easily be hidden in the upper chamber which measures approx 1-1/16 inches in diameter, and allows about a half inch of storage depth once the round lid is in screwed in place. The lower chambers interior measures approximately 2" x 2" with about 1-1/4 inches of available interior height when closed. This beautiful and mysterious box features classic Viking Art of carved dragon serpents that are paired on each side of the box with knotwork designs gracing each lid. The knotwork of the top lid is hand painted in antiqued gold. And as if this little box did not hold enough mystery, there lies a trinity of gulls carved in the interior of the lower chamber bottom, and a deep relief cosmic swirl lining the bottom of the upper chamber. Both given an antiqued finish in brushed brass. The bottom of the base is felted in black to protect any display surface it rests upon. The base is also inscribed with the artist's name, company and year of production. Quite a large bit of Viking Magic packed into such small space!


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Overall Length: 2.5 inches
Overall Width: 2.5 inches
Overall Height: 3 inches
Inner Dia. of Upper Chamber: 1-1/16"
Depth of Upper Chamber Interior: .75"
Depth of Upper Chamber Closed: .50"
Int Lower Chamber: L:2" W:2" H:1.75"
Depth Lower Chamber Closed: 1.25"
Material: Bronze/Pewter Resin
Felt Lined Base
Weight: 8.3 oz

measurements are approximate


The Vikings are famous for their violent raids on Anglo-Saxon monasteries, incredible shipbuilding skills and general brutality. They are less famous, perhaps, for their artistic talents. Yet the precious fragments of art that survive from the Viking Age portray a far more mysterious side to Viking culture. From the so-called 'gripping beast' motif of the Oseberg wood carvings to the abstract animal ornamentation that adorns Viking jewelry, Viking art is defined by beautiful intricate artistic styles that are distinctly Scandinavian yet also show the Vikings' interaction with other cultures, culminating in their conversion from paganism to Christianity.

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CELTIC/VIKING Gifts: Page 1 2 3 4 5backNext Item
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