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KR0022B United Cutlery
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KIT RAE'S BLACK LEGION BATTLE AXENobleWares Image of Kit Rae Black Legion Battle Axe KR22B by United Cutlery (KR22B) UNITED CUTLERY
The Black Legion Battle Axe, in its latest incarnation, THE BLACK BLADES, uniquely designed by famous fantasy artist Kit Rae. The Battle Axe was one of the few weapons forged by the dark elves in mass, each one being shaped nearly the same. Every Axeman carried two identical battle axes, with hooked and curved blades, leather grips and skull crushing pommels. Handle Material: Solid metal handle parts, antiqued metal finish, genuine leather wrapped shaft. Each axe includes a certificate of authenticity and is presented with a black-and-white collector art print, "The Barumen" by designer, Kit Rae.® The Black Legion(tm) Battle Axe is branded with the designer's trademark to ensure its authenticity. Art print: 14 X 18 Black and White print.

The Black Legion Battle Axe is part the highly popular weapons in the Swords of the Ancients collection created in 1997 and which has become legendary the world over among collectible sword enthusiasts who want only the finest designs and highest quality. The Battle Axe was a primary weapon of the Barumen Axe Men, monstrous soldiers of Vardor, Lord of the Shadows.

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Overall Length: 35"
Blade Lengths:15"
Blades:420J2 BLACK satin finished Stainless Steel,false-edge
Handle: Solid metal handle parts, antiqued
metal finish, genuine leather-wrapped shaft.

Art Print: "The Barumen"

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Kit Rae Black Legion Battle Axe KR22B by United Cutlery
Kit Rae Black Legion Battle Axe KR22B by United Cutlery

Kit Rae "Swords of the Ancients" For one thousand and seven hundred years the Dark One bred the evil Barumen in great numbers. They were grown into an army in the dark pits of Lokonia, and the Dark One trained them in the art of war; and he called them his Black Legion. To arm these most brutal and deadly soldiers the Dark One commanded the elves that dwelled in his Underworld to create the Black Legion Blades. Thence the Dark Elves, expert blacksmiths in steels mined from the depths of Ammon, created a secret alloy that could not be chipped or broken for their master. With that alloy they forged many evil blades for the Black Legion, including many war axes..

Includes Kit Rae Art Print: "The Barumen"
Images from a hidden world of dreams and nightmares form this unique line of edged fantasy creations by artist/designer Kit Rae®. Mr. Rae, who has been designing knives since 1984, has been engrossed in fantasy art all his life. Some of his designs are strikingly beautiful, some wickedly haunting, and some defy conventional description. The Kit Rae® line consists of edged knife and sword art, along with stories and companion prints of paintings by the artist. These are very popular among serious fantasy knife and sword collectors and have appeared in numerous television shows and feature films. Each new piece is part of the tapestry that forms “The Tale of The Swords of the Ancients”, a fantasy story written by the artist, about the eternal struggle between good and evil. For more of the "The Tale of the Swords of the Ancients And Other Blades of Power" visit the Kit Rae website.
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