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Blade length: 30.75“
Handle length: 7.25”
Overall length: 38.5“

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Emperor Charlemagne Sword (ACO400 LIMITED) by MARTO
The Emperor Charlemagne Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain is a replica of one of the most well known swords in the world, the traditional coronation sword of France, once attributed to the great Emperor Charlemagne. The original is kept in the Louvre Museum, in Paris, France. The Emperor Charlemagne Sword is part of Marto's LIMITED EDITION SERIES "Antiques Civilizaciones - Heros & Arms" and is strictly limited to 1500 units worldwide. Crafted by Marto in Toledo Spain, this decorative LIMITED EDITION Emperor Charlemagne Sword (ACO400) features its 440 high polished stainless steel blade, with a uniquely impressive gold leaf on black relief detailing. The remarkable high level of craftsmanship of this highly collectible piece is revealed in its beautifully designed and detailed gold hilt which prominently displays in the shape of two winged dragons. The unique and precisely detailed gold leaf embossing technique is a feature of this blade and bears the Imperial Crest, fleur-de-lis and beautifully depicted scenes in gold and black relief. Comes with wall plague for mounting and certificates of Authenticity. Each piece is individually serialized. Overall Length: 38.5"

Charlemagne, Charles the Great, King of Franks, and Emperor of Western Europe, was born in 742 A.D., and became a famous commander in one of the great centers of power in history: The Sacred Roman Empire. Charlemagne's empire was based on the fighting strength of the Franks, a confederation of barbarian tribes from the land of the Rhine in German. They fulfilled the emptiness of power after the fall of the Roman Empire. Their insatiable ambition, sometimes increased due to the goal of extending Christendom, led them to France, Germany, Italy and many other territories. An aggressive conqueror, wise politician, statesman, and fortunate General, Charlemagne set the shape of the vast empire that, in a different way, has reached to modern times..


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Marto of Toledo Spain

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