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"Flashing Steel, the best-selling and highly acclaimed book on iaijutsu (alternatively called iaido), is as much about bringing life into focus as it is about techniques of swordsmanship. Iaijutsu was the martial art of the samurai of feudal Japan who remain the most enduring of warrior icons, equally popular in the East and the West. Iaijutsu sword training has philosophical tenets that inform the warrior’s life, building compassion and self-discipline both inside and outside the dojo."

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"FLASHING STEEL - Mastering Eishin-Ryu Swordsmanship"
Flashing Steel describes and pictures forty-two kata (formal training patterns) which govern Eishin-Ryu swordsmanship, with ten partner exercises applying Iaido principles in realistic attack and defense situations. These kata are also widely practiced by students of kendo, aikido and other martial arts that involve swordsmanship. Written by Master Masayuki Shimabukuro and Leonard J. Pellman, this book is a must for all students of Iaido.


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Format: Paper Back
352 pages

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