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"Shimabukuro Sensei's book truly offers all serious students of budo a way to understand the meaning and philosophy behind karate and for that matter any martial art.

While it shows ample photos and examples of kihon, it is the explanation of the smallest principles underlying why we do what we do in the dojo that make it such a compelling book!"

ref: review by Richard Alexander

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"LIVING KARATE" by Masayuki Shimabukuro
We are proud to introduce this book by Masayuki Shimabukuro, Shihan: Katsu Jin Ken: Living Karate, The Way to Self Mastery. Shimabukuro Sensei imparts the true understanding of Karate-Do training in this book. Over 500 pages of Martial Arts Wisdom and Insight explained in a definitive guide that took over 10 years to write. As a direct disciple of Teruo Hayashi and Kenzo Mabuni, two of the greatest Karate masters of Shito Ryu, Shimabukuro Sensei`s qualifications are unsurpassed and his deep understanding of traditional Japanese Karate-Do is unparalleled. In this book, Shimabukuro explains it all...History, Philosophy, Technique, and Spiritual Training. This is a must-have book for any Martial Artist, regardless of style or affiliation.


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Format: Paper Back
473 pages

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