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Officially licensed authentic replica of Duncan MacLeod’s katana. This iconic sword is for the first time being made with a real hand-forged, 1045 carbon steel blade and authentically detailed faux ivory handle. The United® Cutlery replica has been meticulously crafted using actual prop reference materials. The handle grip is cast one piece hardened resin, to precisely match the look, feel, and weight of real aged ivory. For the first time this sword includes the unseen overcoat scabbard that Duncan used to carry this sword unseen in public. Made of genuine and imitation leather, this custom designed scabbard can be worn on the side or back, and features a fully adjustable strap harness. 27" blade, 41" overall.


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Blade Length: 27 "
Overall Length: 41 3/8"
Blade Steel: Hand-forged 1045 Carbon
Handle: 12 7/8"
Point of Balance: 2 3/8"
Weight: 3 lb
Scabbard: stealth overcoat black leather

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece

Officially Licensed Highlander Duncan Katana UC2592 by United Cutlery

"We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander"

When sensei Hideo Koto gave his treasured dragon head Katana to Duncan Macleod, he gave him more than just a sword. He passed on to him the ancient traditions, lethal skills and noble values of the samurai warrior.

"From the dawn of time we came, moving silently down throughout the centuries. Living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the gathering, when the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you...until now."

The samurai sword is a symbol of justice and nobility and was believed to be an extension of the samurais' very soul.


Highlander: The Series is a fantasy-adventure television series featuring Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul) of the Scottish Clan MacLeod, as the Highlander. It was an offshoot of the 1986 feature film with a twist: Connor MacLeod did not win the prize and Immortals still exist post-1985. In fact, original Highlander star Christopher Lambert appeared in the Pilot episode so as to pass the torch to Adrian Paul. The series was an international hit and was nominated three times for the Gemini Awards and once for a Saturn Award in 1998.

Replica of the "Highlander: The Series" sword from seasons 2-5. Duncan MacLeod inherited this sword from the samurai Hideo Koto over two hundred years ago in feudal Japan. Duncan has used many weapons throughout his long life as an Immortal. Trained to be a warrior from birth, he first learned to wield the Scottish basket hilt Claymore and gained even more knowledge and skill with weapons during different time periods as a soldier. Duncan is an accomplished swordsman, martial arts expert, and constantly seeks to learn new skills. Duncan had traveled to Japan and became a student of Hideo Koto, from whom Duncan learned the ancient traditions, skills, and noble values of the samurai. Hideo was forced to commit seppuku for helping a “barbarian” and asked Duncan to be his second in the ritual…a duty that required Duncan to take Hideo’s head to ease his suffering. In return for this service and Duncan’s vow to always protect members of the Koto family, Duncan came into possession of this ancient and deadly family heirloom. It is with this katana in his hand that Duncan is truly at his most dangerous

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SWORDS: FANTASY Page: 1 2 3backNext Sword Item
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