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Officially licensed authentic replica of Connor MacLeod’s katana. This iconic sword is for the first time being made with a real hand-forged, 1045 carbon steel blade and authentically detailed faux-ivory handle. The United® Cutlery replica has been meticulously crafted using actual prop reference materials. The handle grip is cast one-piece hardened resin, to precisely match the look, feel, and weight of real aged tusk-ivory. This version features the correct, 24K gold plated extra thick stuba, authentic metal tang caps, improved sculptural details, and authentic red scabbard with genuine red leather sword hangar to match the one worn by Ramirez in Highlander 1. 28" blade, 40 1/4" overall. Combining design elements from Highlander 1 and Highlander 2, this is the ultimate version of this legendary sword!


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Blade Length: 28 "
Overall Length: 40 1/4"
Blade Steel: Hand-forged 1045 Carbon
Handle: 12 1/4"
Point of Balance: 2 "
Weight: 3 lb 3.5 oz
Scabbard: Red with genuine leather hanger

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece

Highlander Connor Katana UC2593 by United Cutlery

Connor's katana originally belonged to Juan Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez. Ramirez was an Immortal born in ancient Egypt and who came to Scotland to find Connor and mentor him in ways of the Immortals.

This special gift from teacher to student was forged by the legendary Japanese master swordsmith Masamune in 593 BC. Masamune gave Ramirez the katana after Ramirez married Shikiku, Masamune’s daughter. Ramirez wielded this katana for the next 2,000 years. Despite this and his vast experience, Ramirez was killed by the Kurgan while defending Connor's wife, Heather. Connor found the katana and preserved it, although he preferred to use the large broadsword of his clan. After Heather's death, Connor used his Scottish broadsword to mark her grave and began to use Ramirez's katana in his battles with other Immortals.


It was an incredibly powerful sword, with the metal in the blade being folded over 200 times, thus creating a blade of extraordinary strength and flexibility. Combining design elements from the swords evolutionary history told in Highlander 1 and Highlander 2, United Cutlery has reproduced the ultimate version of this legendary katana!

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SWORDS: FANTASY Page: 1 2 3backNext Sword Item
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