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This set of Chinese Lions is cast in heavy stone resin and feature an amazing aged bronze finish which give the the weight feel and look of solid bronze that has withstood the passing of ages.

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In China, the lion is regarded as the king of the forests and of the other animals. It has thus long been used as a symbol of power and grandeur. It is believed to offer protection from evil spirits. Statues of lions were placed at the gates of imperial palaces, official residences, temples and tombs. Indeed, like images of the dragon, carved lions can be seen almost everywhere in China.

The most famous carved lions are the pair that guard Tian-anmen, the main entrance of the Forbidden City. Several meters tall, these marble lions have been poised imposingly on the stone plinths for more than 500 years. Usually a male lion is on the left with its paw on a ball - the symbol of unity of the Chinese empire - and a female lion on the right with a cub near the front paw - a symbol of offspring. Another explanation is that the male is guarding the structure and the female protects those dwelling inside the building.


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Cast Stone Resin w/aged bronze finish
Each Lion Stands 5 1/2 inches tall
Sold as a Set of Two Lions
Base: Felt Lined 2 3/4" x 3 3/4"
Weight 3.25 lbs

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