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Overall Length: 30 1/2"
Blade Length: 23 5/16"
Handle Length: 6 "
Weight: 1lb 10oz"

Official swords that the Shaolin Temple presents to honored state guests and to foreign dignitaries visited by Temple delegations.

THE SHAOLIN WOOTZ SWORD (SH2385) CAS HANWEI - Official swords of the Shaolin Temple
The clean lines of the Wootz sword, patterned after a Han Dynasty cavalry weapon, exude strength and power. Forged as a single piece, the sword's most exciting feature is its Wootz steel construction. The centuries-old Asian technique of making superb Wootz steel (or Watered Steel) sword blades has been lost to the world for several hundred years, but the dedicated study and research have recreated the process and this sword is a testament to that dedication. The cord wrapped handle and iron-bound Paduak scabbard accentuate the powerful nature of this rugged piece. Each sword is individually serial numbered and provided with a superb display stand.


Hanwei has now been accorded the distinction of crafting the swords that the Shaolin Temple presents to honored state guests and to foreign dignitaries visited by Temple delegations. The swords are designed and produced by Paul Chen, under Hanwei’s license as the exclusive supplier of swords to the Shaolin Temple. Under the terms of this agreement, CAS Hanwei is permitted to distribute these swords to collectors and is the only company officially allowed to use the Shaolin Temple insignia in association with its swords. In accordance with the principles of the Temple, Hanwei strives for perfection in the design and production of these pieces, with the goal of combining traditional values and techniques with contemporary design interpretations. The conceptual themes of these three swords are the Martial Arts (Shaolin Hun Yuan Sword), Religious Ideals (King of the Kinnaras Sword) and History (Shaolin Wootz Sword), each design allowing a unique insight into its individual concept in terms of aesthetic presentation and materials. These innovative designs, with their beautifully detailed finish and outstanding craftsmanship, represent the skill and national pride of the Hanwei swordmakers. Undoubtedly among the most collectible swords made in China today.It represents a valuable addition to any collection.

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