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The Bunker Hill Sword was designed in memory of the battle of June 17, 1775, when William Prescott commanded 1,500 Colonials and showed commands from both sides that the rag-tag Colonial Army was capable of standing its ground against the British ranks.

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BUNKER HILL SWORDNobleWares Image of Bunker Hill Sword of the American Revolution 06-810
This Revolutionary War Sword features a 24" carbon steel blade (factory dull edge) and is perfect for live battle reenactments, theatre use or home decor. Features a brass hand-guard and pommel, complete with leather scabbard with brass fittings. This beautiful collector replica measures an overall length of 30" and weighs over 2 pounds. A patriotic addition to your collection, this historic replica will bring back the flavor of the past, ready to display in your home or office.

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Blade Length: 24 inches
Overall Length: 30 inches
Blade Material: carbon steel
Handle: brass handguard & pommel
Weight: 2 lbs 9 oz.

Although fought on neighboring Breed s Hill, one of the first skirmishes of the newly formed continental Army became known as the "Battle of Bunker Hill". The battle of bunker hill, though victorious, proved costly for the British. Of the 2400 British soldiers in Howe's command, the 1054 casualties accounted for nearly forty percent of their ranks.The American casualties were 441, including 30 captured, with most being inflicted during the retreat. The battle served to prove to the American people that the British Army was not invincible. It became a symbol of national pride and a rally point of resistance against British rule.
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