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Third Praetorian Cohort
List Price: $259.00
Our Price: $209.95

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ROMAN STANDARD Third Praetorian CohortImage of AH3509 Roman Standard Third Praetorian Cohort AH3509
It is believed that similar standards were used in Roman legions from about 100 A.D. till 400 A.D. and you can see at least one in any show of reenactment groups. This standard is made by Deepeeka and is a whopping 7 1/2 feet long and weighs approx. 8.8 lbs. The Standard's top is made from brass and is adorned with two large red tassels. The hardwood shaft is equipped with 2 polished steel handles, steel connecting furniture, and is made in 2 parts for easy assembly and transport. The top features 10 different handmade high polished brass decorations including a name plate inscribed COH III PR. The brass top is easily mounted to its dual piece hardwood pole.


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Overall Length: 92" (2.34 m)
Material: Brass with tassels
Weight: 8.8 lb (4kg)
Pole: Wood w/ Steel handles & furniture
• Pole: Two-parts easy assembly

Authentic Functional Reproduction

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Image of AH3509 Roman Standard by Deepeeka

Carried by a soldier called the imaginifer, the Roman legion's standards were held high on poles, so that in the confusion and dust of battle everyone could see them. They were also important religious symbols, kept in a special shrine, scared to the gods, in the legion's fort or base camp. When the legion (about 5,000 soldiers)left camp, so did its gold standard as it was carried into battle at the head of the legion by Standard-bearers who wore a lion-skin or bear-skin headdress. The heads of the animals were carried over the bearers' helmets so that the teeth were actually seen on the forehead.

Roman standards were held in awe and fiercely protected. Each century in a legion had its own standard, called a signum, and also small flags called vexilla. The standards were symbols of Roman honour. For a legion to lose its standard to an enemy was thought to be a terrible disgrace.

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