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with Bronze Stylus (Pera)
Our Price: $54.49

Overall Size: 5"x 8"
Frame Material: Beechwood
Tablet: Natural Beeswax
Stylus: Bronze

Period wax tablet authentically recreated in hollowed out wood with beeswax. An authentic bronze stylus/smoother included. Overall size is 5" x 8", depth 1/4", all natural beeswax, enclosed in a beechwood frame.

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ROMAN WRITING TABLETImage of AH3989 Roman Wax Writing Tablet with Stylus (AH3989) by Deepeeka
This is an object that was ubiquitous in the Roman Empire. While paper was extremely expensive, wax tablets were a common medium of recording information, both in civilian life and in the military. Romans used to write notes with a pointed bronze "stylus" scratching them in wax. Information is easily stored for the long term, as the bees wax is not easily melted by moderate heat. The stylus provided has a flattened end that can easily erase mistakes or obsolete information. Well constructed of wood and bees wax, this period piece provides two tablets that face one another and close like a book. Includes brass stylus for writing and erasing.

TA'BULAE. This word properly means planks or boards. They were small enough to be held in the hand. Waxen tablets were used among the Romans for almost every species of writing, where great length was not required. Thus letters were frequently written upon them, which were secured by being fastened together with packthread and sealed with wax. The outer sides of the tablets consisted merely of the wood; it was only the inner sides that were covered over with wax. They were fastened together at the back by means of wires, which answered the purpose of hinges, so that they opened and shut like our books; and to prevent the wax of one tablet rubbing against the wax of the other, The modern expression, of "a clean slate" is related to the Latin expression "tabula rasa".


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