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The Roman lorica Segmenta armor was the exclusive equipment of the mighty Roman Legionaries. Though this heavy armor was a bit hefty, it remained remarkably mobile and protective, making it popular among the troops. This Roman lorica segmenta armor is made of heavy steel with brass accents and leather straps to connect the pieces together.

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ROMAN LORICA SEGMENTAImage of JA016M Lorica Segmenta (JA016M)
KEY FEATURES: * High carbon steel with brass accents * Replicates an original * Perfect for the collector or reenactor

The body armour made from overlapping iron strips. These metal strips were fastened with hooks and laces at the front and hinged at the back. These were held together by vertical leather strips on the inside. This enable the soldier to be well protected and also be flexible enough to allow him to bend. The armour was strengthened by front and back plates below the neck. The shoulders were protected by a pair of curved pieces.
During the time of its use, it was modified several times, the currently recognized types being the Kalkriese, Corbridge and Newstead types. There was, however, a considerable overlap between these types in use and the Corbridge and Newstead types are often found at the same site (e.g. at Caerleon [Wales], Carnuntum [Austria], Carlisle [England] and Leon [Spain]). It is possible that there was a fourth type, a hybrid of the banded armour together with scale shoulder defenses. However, this is only known from one badly damaged statue originating at Alba Iulia in Romania. The currently accepted range for the use of the armour is from about 9 B.C. (Dangstetten) to the late 3rd century A.D. (Leon).


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