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SKU: 22-1501 Collector's Armoury
List Price - $119.90

Our Price: $95.90


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CLASSIC M1873 SAA FAST DRAW REVOLVERNobleWares Image of Single Action Army M1873 Fast Draw non-firing replica Revolver 22-1501 by Collector's Armoury 22-1501
The Single-Action Army (SAA) Revolver was produced in several forms and many calibers from 1872 to 1940, with production totaling about 350,000 pieces. As its introduction coincided with the settlement of the Wild West, the names Peacemaker and Frontier Six-Shooter were popularized. Used by legends like Buffalo Bill Cody, Wild Bill Hickock, Pat Garret and Bat Masterson it was also the weapon of choice for settlers in the West during the late 19th century.
This non-firing version has a functional lock mechanism, with a revolving cylinder and working ejector system. The CA Classics M1873 Fast Draw Revolver has historically accurate details, working action, and a stunning polished nickel finish.
The handsome grips offer an intricate eagle and shield design and checkered patterning in black relief. This CA Classics piece is one of the finest replicas in the world today. Great for reenactment's, theater, movies, display.
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Non-firing Historically Accurate Replica
Overall Length: 10.5"
Barrel Length: 4.75" (Fast Draw)
Finish: High Polished Nickel
Working Action
Grips: Black Eagle
Weight: 2.2 lbs

FREE Caps & Cartridges with purchase

Gun Safety

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This beautiful display reproduction can now be equipped to fire caps. As our gift to you, with each 22-1501 pistol purchase we will include 6 Denix cap firing dummy cartridges, and some caps to get you started. How it works: Pull off 1 cap from ring and push into the center of dummy shell. Repeat for all 6 dummy cap shells. Load each dummy cap shell into cap gun cylinder. Pull the hammer back and pull the trigger. Please note this is a single action revolver so the hammer needs to be cocked back each time to move the cylinder and fire.
Caps Cartridge
Collectors Classics by Collector's Armoury LTD: These Western revolvers are the most historically accurate and authentic non-firing replicas available in the world today. This line of premier reproductions honors the legends that carried these original firearms and embodies the American spirit that opened and tamed the American Frontier. In the tradition of historic reproductions, these replicas will neither chamber nor fire ammunition, and cannot be altered to do so.
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