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  MODEL 8142 by MARTO of Spain
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Product Details   Specifications
  Overall: 105 cms - 42 inches
  Blade: AISI 440 steel
  Handle: Blue Braided Cord
  Scabbard: Blued w/silver fittings

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ITO MAKI TACHINobleWares Image of Model 8140 Ito Maki Tachi by Marto of Toledo Spain (model 8142) by Marto of Spain

The Ito Maki Tachi features furnishing (koshirae) of the Ito Maki type recognizable for the braid of the same color, blue in this case, wrapped both on the handgrip (tsuka ito) and the upper part of the scabbard (saya ito). Under it there is a marbled covering, originally made of rayskin.

The scabbard (saya) is made in azure painted wood with trefoil figures. The metallic components, the pommel (kabuto gane), the collar (fuchi), the guard (tsuba), the scabbard ring (semegane), the scabbard tip (sayajiri) and the hangers' rings (obitori kanagu) are silver plated with blue fittings. One of the characteristics of the Tachi are the leather hangers (ashi) that allow it to be carried suspended with the cutting edge toward the ground, in opposition to the katana, carried instead with the cutting edge toward the sky.

Marto has been a leader in quality for nearly 50 years, and as many collectors know, the attention to the exquisite detailing as exemplified in this museum quality replica Ito Maki Tachi has established Marto as skilled artisans of the finest decorative Japanese swords available in the world today.

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Ito Maki Tachi MARTO Model 8142
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SWORDS: MARTO Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7backNext Sword Item
Marto of Toledo Spain
Beware of counterfeits! Always insist on the officially licensed high quality collectibles.